'til the Cows Come Home Dinnerware

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Style Dinner Plate

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First coined in England and Scotland in the 1600s and made popular in the 1800s in the US, this phrase originally referred to the slow, languid pace of cows returning to the barn for milking. Southerners use this saying to refer to one who takes his own sweet time. If it's said about you, you better stop your lollygaggin'!

  • Dinner Plate 10.5" These fat and sassy cows graze the wildflowers and grass in a Southern pasture. 
  • Salad Plate 8" Southern flowers elegantly ring the rim of our salad plate. 
  • Canape Plate 6.5" - The sweet face on this heifer (a female that hasn't had a baby) is sure to please all the farm, ranch, and Southern lovers in your family. 
  • All are Coupe Style
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe